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Expedited Service

Step into our world of Expedited Service, where we're all about getting things there quickly and just the way you want. Whether it's tight schedules, important cargo, or special delivery needs, count on us to make it happen, hassle-free.

Your Cargo, Our Priority

At LC Innovative Logistics, we recognize the importance of urgency, and our Expedited Service is designed to meet your time-sensitive shipping needs promptly and reliably. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your products reach their destination swiftly and without a hitch. Regardless of the time or day, we're always available to connect with you, guaranteeing that every aspect of your shipment is handled with efficiency and delivered on time.

Our Expedited Services cover a wide spectrum of options to accommodate various needs. From the swiftness of Hot Shot deliveries using cargo vans and straight trucks to the reliability of our Guaranteed service, the speed of Air shipping, and the specialized care of White Glove (Final Mile Solutions), we have all the solutions you need to ensure your cargo is handled with the utmost precision and care.
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Swift, Precise, Reliable Shipping.


Our Features

Key benefits that set apart our Expedited Service and make it the right
choice for your shipping needs.




We understand the urgency of your shipments. We ensure that your products are routed and delivered as quickly as possible, without fail, so you can meet tight deadlines and commitments.


Round-the-Clock Availability

No matter the time or day of the week, our team is always ready to connect with you. You can rely on our constant availability and support for your expedited shipments.


Comprehensive Service Options

Our Expedited Services include a wide range of options, such as Hot Shot deliveries, Guaranteed service, Air shipping, and White Glove (Final Mile Solutions). We have a solution for every type of urgent shipping requirement.

Efficient and
On-Time Deliveries

With our experienced team and an array of service options, you can count on us to complete every detail of your shipment efficiently and on time. Your cargo is handled with precision and care, ensuring reliable, timely deliveries.

Trust the Experts

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4498 Main St Suite 4 # 1175
Buffalo, NY 14226
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